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Religion has always been important to me. It is something that is a part of me and being confirmed in my Christian faith is definitely something I would like to do. There are several things that make me want to be confirmed in Christian faith. The first is that it is what I truly believe in. For me it is what explains many things. I also know that God will always be there for me in Christian faith. My studies in the past six months to complete the confirmation class has verified all of my feelings I had going into the class.
I have been going to Pilgrim Congregational since my mom first took me and then I couldn’t decide what I believed in, but now with the experience of many years of coming to church I know that this is the faith that I
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It seemed that we all agreed and voted on ways to improve life for others. This was interesting because I was able to see all of the work that it takes to donate to companies that help the needy, or even directly help the needy. I was also able to catch a view of how the church runs. It seems like a lot of pointless voting and following strange rules as to how we have to pass different systems that the church uses. The annual meeting was even intense at times as there were questions about church policies and what was the appropriate amount of money in the budget. However, it became apparent that it is very important to follow church policies so that we can all agree upon a conclusion. It would be awesome to finally be able to vote at these meetings and participate on committees once I am confirmed and become a member of the church. In times where decisions are hard within these meetings one can use the bible to help us to remember that we are all one congregation. I have learned a lot about the bible that I didn’t know throughout the class. The first person to see the risen lord out of his tomb was Mary Magdalene, which is written in the gospel of John. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in a manger on December 25th. Jesus left Simon a very direct message to start the church. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the writings about Jesus, or gospels, and the first four books in the New Testament. “In the beginning,” are the first words of the New and Old
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