Tom Delonge's Departure From Blink-182 Analysis

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The Positive Effect of Tom Delonge’s Departure from Blink-182 Contrary to popular belief; Tom Delonge’s separation from Blink-182 held a productive result in regards to their music. From alternative to aliens, Delonge has slowly dragged down the band he spent years to create. Whether it be because of mental health issues, or simply growing up, Blink-182 has changed. By taking a gander at the shift in attitude from the band’s early years to their most recent year, it is evident that Delonge’s departure is something that has only been good to the group. And, that throughout all the drama and addictions, the statistics have never been better. Tom Delonge and Marcus Hoppus have been friends for nearly 20 years. They were first introduced by Hoppus’s…show more content…
After a few awkward years together again, Delonge announces his final departure from the band on January 27th, 2015, less than a day since they had announced any rumors regarding Delonge leaving the band was all a miscommunication (‘Tom Delonge Confirms he has Quit Blink-182’, 2015). Delonge stressed,
“Being on tour was such a grind. I didn’t love it enough, it was too much disruption for me. And playing the same songs every night and moving your body the same way with your guitar, it felt like you were ‘vogue-ing,’ like you were faking it.” (Varga 15).
Hoppus later mentioned that he was not at all surprised by the email received for his resignation, and that his attitude leading up to the split had proven he was not interested in the band anymore. He mentions, “Travis and I have bent over backwards for years to accommodate all the stuff that Tom wanted to try…” (“Mark Hoppus: ‘Tom Delonge’s Departure is a Relief”, 2015). However, Hoppus and Barker had announced shortly after that they had already found a replacement for Delonge for their upcoming show in a California festival. Matt Skiba was made the new replacement for Delonge, and with that they set off on tour for their newest work, California, a nostalgic album which earned the band their first Grammy nomination (Varga
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