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English Literature I      The formal well-organized structure of The History of Tom Jones contributes greatly to the intricate plot inside, and the novel as an overall piece of work. Henry Fielding contrived the blueprint of the book in its many clearly separated segments extremely well, making it equally as important as the plot. Tom Jones is deliberately and clearly divided into its separate parts. Through these parts he is capable of paralleling two types of stories in one single novel, along with bringing forth symmetries and balances in the division, and in the setting and plot.      Broken down, Tom Jones consists of 18 books each introduced with an opening essay. This 18 book…show more content…
Allworthy. Finally, the last part (Books XIII-XVIII) is the journey home and reconciliation. Tom finds a home with Mrs. Miller; she then helps to reconcile him with Mr. Allworthy and Sophia. Tom then goes home to the country as a changed man and starts a family with Sophia.      Now, we’ll look at Tom Jones on the romance level. Again, it is regarded as one of the greatest comedy novels of all time, but it also contains the now standard romance novel format. I say ‘now standard romance,’ because it was written right on the transition of the classical romance era and the newer literary form, the novel. The romance found within is structured, of course, like the rest of the novel. Basically, a Page 3 romance consists of 3 movements: falling in love, separation, and reunion and reconciliation. In Henry Fielding’s work, Sophia and Tom fall in love with each other as children. They are just as soon separated from each other only to be reunited as young adults, and both still in love with one another. Tom, being the ‘rascal’ that he is, soon falls out of grace with Sophia. As soon as Tom is once more respected enough by Sophia, they are again separated by the decision of a marriage between Sophia and Blifil, Tom’s ‘evil’ half-brother. Tom and Sophia are further separated by Tom’s unjust banishment. This ends the first part of the romance structure, as well as the journey structure. Sophia pursues him to
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