Tom Regan The Case For Animal Rights Summary

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In “The Case for Animal Rights” written by Tom Regan, the author analyzes reasons for why all beings should have rights, but argues in particular why animals should have basic rights, like humans. “I regard myself as an advocate of animal rights- as a part of the animal rights movement”(Regan 337). The goals of the movement include the following: not allowing the use of animals in science, commercial agriculture, and the eradication of commercial and sport hunting or trapping. Regan blantly dismisses people who claim to believe in the rights of animals, but do not put forth these goals. He rejects the thought that using animals for cosmetic research is a violation of their rights and is unacceptable, but if it is cancer research then it is permissible. “You don’t change unjust institutions by tidying them up”(Regan 337) Regan goes on to break down his paper into views which he believes that people hold in regard to animal rights, he then counters these views with thought experiments that explain why suffering and pain are only feelings that add to the fundamentally wrong system that allows animals to be seen as resources. In this paper, I will discuss Regan’s arguments, possible objections to his arguments, and provide answers to those objections using the author's point of view. First, Regan breaks his arguments into main views, which include the indirect duty theory, the cruelty-kindness theory, the utilitarian approach to animal rights, and the rights view.

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