Tom Robinson Court Case Analysis

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One of the events that shows racism is with Atticus. Atticus plays in the major event of the book which is the Tom Robinson court case. This case is a major event for the town, as well as hits home for Atticus. This case not only affects Atticus, but Jem and Scout as well. Tom was on trial for supposedly raping Mayella Ewell. This court case attracted people from all over because this for them is like a play. Atticus being the one to defend Tom was getting a lot of heat from the town, they believe Atticus should have denied him. This leads Atticus to be attacked and confronted on a few different occasions with the people of Maycomb. One of which, Scout is able to use her innocence to dismiss it even though it is being chipped at by events like this leading up to the trial. “”You know…show more content…
‘ hey, Mr. Cunningham.’” (Lee 204). After scout said that she is able to disperse the Mob and have Mr.Cunningham saying“ ‘ I'll tell him you said hey, little lady,’ he said.”(Lee 206). This is giving light to show people that she still does have innocence even after going head on with a mob. The trial for Tom Robinson is going to start the next day. Jem, Dill, and Scout, being the mischievous kids they are they, go to the trial. Innocence is lost here by the trial itself, and the evidence that Atticus presents and the verdict of the jury with that evidence. Lee writes “ ‘ Tom , stand up. Let Miss Mayella have a good long look at you’… his left arm was fully twelve inches shorter than his right,”(Lee 248). This means that he could not have done what Mayella said he did but the verdict for this case was guilty. The reason being because Tom is black and the person accusing him is white. The lose of innocence here is Tom's because even though he is innocent his color makes him guilty. Making this man lose part of who he
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