Tom Sawyer Vs Hitler Essay

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Adolf Hitler once said, “It is not truth that matters, but victory” This shows some of his personality. Hitler was elected the chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler offered many things when the Great Depression hit Germany. He believed he could say anything to make people elect him, but he would never go through with it. Which later caused much hate against him. Hitler wanted German’s to be the dominate race. Tom Sawyer, a character from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written by Mark Twain, had a hard life, much like Hitler’s. Tom Sawyer didn’t have a lot of money, as well as Hitler. But, what makes them different, is that Hitler caused over 11 million people to lose their lives, and each person’s intentions. While Tom Sawyer and Hitler…show more content…
Tom Sawyer wouldn’t go to the point of murdering millions. But, Hitler ends up being the cause for over 11 million people to lose their lives, because of their opinion or race. He was okay with people dying, unlike Tom Sawyer. Tom watched a man get murdered, and he hated it. He made sure the court knew about the murder, so the killer wouldn’t get away with it. Another difference between Tom Sawyer and Hitler is their intentions. Tom Sawyer was a jokester, and tried to act tough and rebellious. But, he always had good intentions, and never really intended to hurt anybody. Unlike Tom Sawyer, Hitler always had bad intentions. Hitler didn't mind watching people die, because he allowed it. Hitler’s childhood is where he showed his rebellion against everyone. Tom Sawyer never intended to hurt people, and felt bad if he did. Even with the similarities in their childhoods, there are more differences. When they were growing up, they both were poor. Hitler always hated authority, and had more power. He also had an evil mindset, and was rebellious. He was the cause of millions of deaths. Unlike Hitler, Tom Sawyer also never meant to hurt anyone. Hitler and Tom Sawyer’s childhoods are quite similar, but there are many differences. Including their intentions, and the deaths amongst
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