Tom Tramlin Code Of Conduct

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Now that all of the work is done with the merger of UWEAR and PALEDENIM Tom Tramlin the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has one more thing he would like for me to do. He asked me if I could give him a provision of a good framework for their new code of conduct for the company in order build a new stronger company. Although, I had some ideas on what should be placed in the code of conduct he stated that he would like for the outline of it to cover the three policies that had been developed by me earlier when I was working with the company. However, he would also like for me to add the implementation of standards policies to the code of conduct as it is pertinent to the company’s success. Therefore, I will cover the issues that deal with…show more content…
Therefore, by adding them to the code of conduct there will be no miscommunication when someone is terminated for violation of one or many of these policies. Now there also needs to be a clear understand of what is the proper gift to receive or give to someone who is a business partner or a representative of UWEAR-PALEDENIM so that no one will face an ethical violation for receiving or giving a gift to someone in the company or that the company is trying to get as a…show more content…
Although, everyone has a life outside of work it should not affect your job while you are at work. Therefore, getting a lot of personal calls on the company’s phone to handle personal issues should not be an everyday thing for no one. Furthermore, they need to have a very detail policy on discrimination, sexual harassment as well as harassment for all employees and business associates because these policies when not held to a standard can cause a company millions of dollars in law suits which no company wants to happen. I would also make sure that they include or incorporate a policy that deals with the hiring process for the company to ensure that there is no basis due to race, sex, color, religion, age, sexual origin, national origin, disability or anything else that is not permitted or prohibited by law in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Therefore, the incorporation of all of these policy as well as a few other will ensure that all employees and management team knows and understand what is acceptable and
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