Tom Tutwiler Community Analysis

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A local civil engineer, Tom Tutwiler, stationed his headquarters a couple miles southwest of Sumner, MS. The town, Tutwiler, was founded and named after Mr. Tutwiler in 1899 (Gutenberg, 2015). As the railroads grew so did the town. After the railroads had become established in the small town, a two story building and roadways were then built. An older gentleman by the name Captain H.B. Fitch managed the first floor of the building as a store while his wife built a school house on the second floor (Gutenberg, 2015). The school only began with five scholars. By 1905, the town became combined and a man by the name of W.E. Fite was mayor (Gutenberg, 2015). A railroad yard and a schoolhouse established with the expense of $40,000. Once the school…show more content…
TCEC embraces all races and ages within the community; the center dedicates to helping people to build pride for themselves and their community. Habitat for Humanity builds houses in communities for low-income people. Region One Mental Health Center is a drug addicted center. The informal helping units such as the candy lady and homemade daycares are a help to the community because they instill qualities in younger people. My civic roles in my community are helping with school activities, helping volunteer at my church (cleaning yarns, walking dogs, etc.), and reading with children. I have lived in this community for fifth teen years of my life. My plans for earning my bachelor’s degree are to proceed to receive my Master’s degree and to move to a different county. After receiving my Ph.D., I plan to help the elderly and younger children in…show more content…
The results of the study were not useful to the population over a months’ time but over the years the study many show signs of progress (Rolleri, Wilson, Paluzzi, and Sedivy, 2008). Barr et al. (2014) study reported in the study that sexual education taught only by the teachers would be effective in preventing teen pregnancy. The teachers would have to be competent, skillful and content on the subject of sex with the student. The National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education is an unexpected effort but with years to come the program will become active (Barr et al., 2014). The results of the study indicated that by letting teachers teach teens about sex education decreased teenage pregnancy (Barr et al.,
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