Tom Walker Greed Essay

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Greed has a powerful hold on several human beings. For some it has a stronger hold than others not so much. Without people knowing, greed kills the soul slowly. Tom Walker met the face of greed one night and was offered that would set his fate. As he analyzed the black man's charcoaled face he came to realize the man before him was the devil. With swift smooth words Satan offered some ancient treasure for Tom Walker soul. Pondering the glamorous offer Tom decided against it due to his wife at home. Revealing what happen to her later that night, she was mad. She wondered why he didn’t take the offer. Greed worked its way into her heart leading her to her death. As soon as Tom finds out he seeks out the devil and makes the deal. Time passes by as a money-launderer Tom regrets his decision and repents for his sin. He dedicates his life to change. But a heart consumed by greed never fully changes as the adduction lacks to be satisfied. Tom Walker now carries around bibles and wants nothing more than to keep his soul from the devil. As a bystander seeing a man sell his soul for treasure as a…show more content…
Having faith in god and letting go of the treasure releases the chains of greed and satan. All his pain caused by the devil would be gone but he still wants his treasure. Hoping god will save him is false hope. Carrying around a bibles not knowing the the true power they posses is like holding a shield made of cooked noodles to change. Fear has now consumed him not by desire to change. One leads to fate while the other leads to success beyond comprehension Tom Walker wants to change what he regrets but he never will when fear is all that is driving him. The pure heart he use to posse is addicted to greed and driving with fear. Tom walker learned first hand no one can truly change without god. The decision to sell the soul to the devil will live with him
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