Tom Wamberg's Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Title: Putting Teeth in Corporate Ethics Codes

I. Background/ Rationale

Clark Consulting, a compensation and benefit consulting firm, has had a corporate code of ethics in place for years. In 2002 passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley law reforming corporate governance, Chief Executive Tom Wamberg revised it, redistributed it, and started referring to it in weekly newsletters distributed to all employees.
Wamberg learned that one of his senior consultants was bragging to other employees about how he had “fired” a particularly demanding client. Wamberg was outraged. Rule No. 1 of the code is that clients come first. “For us, that was a cardinal sin,” says Wamberg, who dismissed that consultant, citing the code. Now he sees the benefits of having …show more content…

The company’s chief executive Tom Wamberg was revised the law and redistributed it , but the challenge on their employees on how to adapt for a change in their company’s code of ethics. In addtion, the chief executive decided and doing the best to put code of ethics into document with real teeth. The companies rewriting the codes and make it more specific and detailed. These codes of ethics give the employees to understand the guidelines to follow and avoid violations. The code of Ethics was published through Web sites, inside the offices and the company was to make aware their conducts to the customers, vendors and …show more content…

The managers should to explore ethical issues with the engagement and also integrity interactive code-of- ethics training with all employees must continue training until they can get 100% on test.
V. Alternative Course of Action
The case study pertains on how to be good model in your company. In the business world today, businesses’ should evaluate and execute code of ethics, with strong ethical values towards your employees. Attitudes, leadership, behavior and patterns of decision making that should be motivated in order to have a good example of your company. Moreover, there are measures you can take to improve your organization's ethical climate.
First, empowerment this is one way to improve ethical climate that employees should have an ethical code and more control to their work outcomes, and they can justify making the right decision. Giving employees a reason to act more ethically and innovatively -- such as to keep their autonomy over their work – makes the company increase

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