Tom and Daisy's Unstable Relationship

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In chapter one of the novel The Great Gatsby, the central couple presented are Tom and Daisy Buchanan. These two partners, although different, have similar personalities but also have contrasting differences. Throughout chapter 1, these two portray that wealth is better than everything else, and they both revolve and base their lives on it. Also in this chapter it shows the hardships and difficulties they have in their marriage. They are both never satisfied with what they have, and are always longing for more. During chapter 1 it was apparent that Tom and Daisy had an unstable relationship. Tom is first described as a “cruel body” and is very physical because of his past career as a football player. He uses power and physically has…show more content…
This as well shows a contrast between both their bodies. Another comparable point is the way Daisy talks about her baby as an object “She's asleep. She's two years old. Haven't you ever seen her?” (p.15). Very like the same way Tom is proud of his boat “a snub-nosed motor-boat that bumped the tide offshore” (p.13). We do also see Daisy portrayed as very boring character “Do you always watch for the longest day of the year and then miss it etc” (p.17). This also implies that Daisy might not be as bright as Tom and Nick and that she doesn’t shape her destiny or takes control of her life. E.g. she attempted to plan something with Nick. she said, “What'll we plan? What do people plan?” meaning she has never had to make decisions nor has she had much responsibility. Again unlike Tom who is very much in control and has got firm charge over his future (That he thinks). Daisy however does not have much loving feelings for Tom as when Jordan mentions to Nick that she knows Gatsby, it raises Daisy's interest momentarily “Gatsby? demanded Daisy. What Gatsby?”, but the conversation is quickly diverted by the announcement of dinner. So much through chapter 1 we are getting the idea of Daisy being well, stupid. But when alone with nick she explains to him she is sophisticated but cynical, proving to us to think she is much smarter than Tom. She does also show criticism on women’s status when talking about her baby hoping it’s a girl “I hope she’ll be a fool – that’ the best thing
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