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State v. Tomahl Cook The case of Tomahl Cook vs. The State of New Jersey was a very grusome study in the tragedy of Katrina Suhan. Katrina was murdered February 14, 1998 in Old Bridge, New Jersey. She was only 15 years when she was brutally murdered by a cold-hearted ruthless murderer. Katrina 's life was taken away from her at such a young age due to a sick human being. The experience of driving by where Katrina lived, where she was abducted, and where she was murdered was very moving. I found it very interesting to follow the trail of a murder as if I was on the case myself. The street where Katrina was abducted is a pretty busy street which is North Stevens St. in South Amboy. I could envision it at night how it could be…show more content…
The neighborhood seemed to be a nice area from how it looks now. Katrina had a very long walk that night to reach her destination. Unfortunately she would never make it back to her house the evening of Valentine’s Day. Instead she was brutally murdered and left to die in a field behind a bowling alley where now lies the Home Depot in Sayerville. Her body was found by people who were riding atv’s behind the bowling alley in a wooded area. Her skull was fractured as she suffered blunt force trauma which induced her death. The Home Depot was sincere enough to leave a space where a memorial lies for Katrina where her body was found. The memorial is a nice area where an engraved stone has Katrina’s information and the usual information a tombstone would read. Overall I found it to be a very interesting experience to go through the steps of the murder case. I could almost put myself in Katrina’s shoes that night when her life was tragically ended unfortunately. Tomahl Cook is serving a life sentence in prison which he absolutely deserves, but none the less I think he should have got the death penalty. I feel if any human being abducts somebody and murders them should have their own life taken away from them. I think this is the proper way justice should be served. A poor innocent girl on February 14. 1998 was murdered in such a painful matter for the purpose of sexual intent from a cruel and

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