Tomasito Is Too Big to Hold Hands

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The subleject of Tomasito is Too Big to Hold Hands , depicts a perspective of a child that is in the second grade that is of a Latino back ground and the challenges that his family faces with overall communication and motivation. Family support as well as teacher / parent communication are the bases of the case study, being that with this paper those are the two factors that should be focused on, the paper will sugest way of improvement. .A child that has minimal support and overall negative emotions towards family members can face stugglles in development. In the case of Tomasito he is developeing into more of a self reliance when it comes to out side and inside a scholld setting. Tomisitos mother and brother in the case seem to be the…show more content…
, Does your son/ daughter need any extra attention on a subject in your opinion?. These questions in a way forced the parent to observed the child each week to become more involved and to pay attention to the academic development of the student. It is up to that student to express when he or she doesn’t understand and up to the teacher to encourage the student to take ownership of what may be a struggle.
What are the possible ways of building reciprocal relationships with this family? Which do you think are the most appropriate and why? Ms. Brady needs to get to know her families. Relationships not only with the child are vital but with families. “Solid relationships are far more powerful than the sum total of all other techniques.” (Sornson, 2005, p. 26) Ms. Brady also needs to collaborate with other staff members. Schmoker (1999) states that teachers perform more effectively when they collaborate with other teachers. If Ms. Brady would have collaborated with other teachers or even the principal, she would have found that Tomasito was not the oldest child and that Tomasito’s father was helping in Edward’s classroom. She could have arranged for Tomas to volunteer in her classroom as well. I feel it would have been appropriate to also invite Ria into the classroom to let her observe. Ms. Brady could have asked her to come in and help with a special party and allowed her to bring
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