Tomato Production Of The Tomato Plant

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BIG QUESTION- where do tomatoes come from and how can we maximise yield?
Alex Cottam

Tomatoes are edible fruits of Solanum lycopersicum , More commonly known as the tomato plant. The plant originated in central America. Tomatoes are used in many dishes across the globe but were first used in mexico. Tomatoes are grown in temperate climates around the world however more hardy strains have been produced meaning some can survive at lower temperatures however to maximise yield lower temperatures are not ideal.In cooler areas of the globe they can be grown in greenhouses. They grow ,depending on the strain, anywhere from one metre tall to 3 metres tall although “bush” variates have the maximum yield. Being so tall the plant often cannot support itself as they have weak stems therefore support is required ie canes, stakes etc.

The tomato plant is a perennial (grows back each year) in its native climate and grown as an annual (only survives one year then dies from lower temperatures) in temperate climates. In the greenhouse the plant needs to be kept above 16 degrees celsius and below 32 degrees , otherwise the enzymes will become denatured. ideally between 22-26 degrees as this will best imitate its native climate. Temperature is one of the limiting factors of plant growth so is one of the key factors to achieve a high yield. In order to keep it at these temperatures a greenhouse should be used or they should be planted in their native climate however a greenhouse is more ideal
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