Tomb Stone Town Research Paper

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BLOODY TOWN It was on january 17 ,1997 when a family moved to a dark and mysterious town called Tombstone Town. The sky was a pitch-black and a 11 year-old girl named Lesley was looking for her pajamas in a dark shadow room. She yelled “mom I can’t find my pajamas”. They are in your sister’s room in the third box. “Mom I can’t find my teddy bear”, said lesley's sister. It’s in the toy box. Oh found it!!!!! Mommy I have to use the restroom said lesley’s sister. Lesley replied it is upstairs didn’t you listen to the house tour. Mary entered to the restroom it was all ugly. She looked herself in the mirror and made sure that her hair is the same as always. Meanwhile her sister was in her room getting ready to go to
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