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Capital markets offer corporations varied ways to raise funds. This Note presents summary information for a selection of corporate securities issued during 2009-2010 following the financial crisis of 2008–2009. They include three issues of senior unsecured notes, one floating rate note, one common stock offering, and one convertible note. The issuers are Microsoft, Coca-Cola Enterprises,
Norfolk Southern, IBM, Ford Motor, and Cephalon. Selected supplementary data on the issuers are summarized in Exhibit 1. A short glossary of terms appears at the end of the Note.
All three senior unsecured note issues
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Exhibit 3 shows the U.S.
Treasury yield curve on September 22, 2010 and, for comparison, on July 28, 2006, before the financial crisis. Coca-Cola Enterprises Notes
On February 17, 2009, Coca-Cola Enterprises (the leading bottler of Coca-Cola beverages) issued
$600 million in senior unsecured notes, comprised of one series of 3.75% notes due in 2012, and one series of 4.25% notes due in 2015 (see Exhibit 4). According to its SEC filing, the company planned to use the proceeds to pay down debt. 3
Professor Timothy A. Luehrman and Global Research Group Senior Researcher David Lane prepared this case. This case was developed from published sources. HBS cases are developed solely as the basis for class discussion. Cases are not intended to serve as endorsements, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective management.
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