Tombstone: Fact or Fiction Essay

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Tombstone: Fact or Fiction? Almost two decades ago, a film known as Tombstone was produced, featuring a star-studded cast. This action-packed western portrays the legendary feud between the Earp’s and the Clanton’s. For the most part I believe it to be a respectable movie containing a powerful storyline. This film portrays the life and times of the famous cowboy, Wyatt Earp, focusing on what led to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Tombstone provides a mixture of both fact and fiction, however I believe this film to be mainly accurate. After seeing this particular film, I have resulted in finding some of the accurate and incorrect scenes and facts. Just to name a couple of the films inaccuracies are the misleading facts about the…show more content…
He was put on the lounge inside of the card room where he soon died. Furthermore, Virgil was shown as being shot in the arm earlier that same night. In reality, Virgil was shot several months prior to this incident (Eldridge). The life of Johnny Ringo has been widely disputed. In the beginning of Tombstone, Ringo is seen shooting a Mexican priest. However, this particular incident never even happened. Ringo happened to be in California when the well-known gunfight at O.K. Corral occurred on October 26, 1881. Almost a year later, Ringo arrived back at Tombstone. He began drinking quite heavily for over a week. Less than two weeks later he was found dead underneath a tree from a gunshot wound to his head. Johnny Ringo’s cause of death is still unknown (“Gunfighter John Ringo Found Dead”). Therefore, this scene in the movie may or may not be accurate. At the time, his death was ruled as a suicide. Conversely, many theories have aroused arguing that Ringo’s death was actually a murder, which was staged to look like a suicide (Gatto). One reason for this belief is because Ringo’s gun that he supposedly shot himself with was verified as being fully loaded (Weiser). Later, Wyatt Earp admitted to allegedly killing Ringo. However, there is no substantial proof to corroborate either of these allegations, therefore it leaves the truth about his death to be unknown (Weiser). Ringo’s body was buried just a few yards away
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