Tommy Davis And The Baseball

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For a two year span in the early 1960s, Tommy Davis was probably the best hitter in baseball. His 1962 season was one in which Tommy Davis set Dodger records that still stand. Tommy Davis had 153 runs batted in that magical campaign, the most in the National League in 25 years. It would be 34 more years before anyone in baseball would duplicate reaching the 150 RBI plateau attained by Tommy Davis in 1962. But despite his great success at an early age, Tommy Davis wound up playing with ten teams in eighteen years. Tommy Davis was a high school teammate of a future Basketball Hall of Famer, Lenny Wilkins, and the six-foot two Davis could have had a career in that sport. A standout in baseball in high school, Tommy Davis was convinced by none other than Jackie Robinson to sign with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956. Tommy Davis was born and lived in Brooklyn, but before he ever made the big club the Dodgers had moved west to Los Angeles. Tommy Davis won the batting titles of the Midwest and Pacific Coast Leagues on his way up the minor league ladder. He debuted with the Dodgers in 1959 in a one game stint as a pinch-hitter. The next season, his rookie year, Tommy Davis hit .276 in 110 games; two years later he would enjoy that monster 1962 season. In 1962, Tommy Davis compiled 230 hits, still the Dodger mark for a right-handed batter. He won the first of two consecutive batting titles with his .346 average; Tommy Davis would win it again by batting .326 in 1963. Only Mike Piazza

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