Tommy Hilfiger Essay

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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger, it's a household name now. The patriotic red, white, and blue flag is as well known as the McDonald's arches. Chances are you probably own at least one of his products, jeans, sunglasses, shirts, suits, wallets, underwear, and the list goes on. People of all races, sex, and ethnic background wear his clothing and seem to have no problem paying substantially more money just to have the "Tommy" logo plastered on it. Those who wear Hilfiger are proud of the image it creates for them, they tend to be instilled with a sense of all the things Hilfiger stands for regardless of any controversy that may surround him.. Hilfiger took his first step into the fashion world in 1969. Driving his 1959…show more content…
Clearly, he wanted his emblem to be purely American and to be known as something that originated in the United States. The Tommy flag, with it colors similar to that of the U.S. flag, tends to make people think patriotically, so they tend to consider the clothing to be a statement of pride in their home country. Tommy himself considers his line "All American" and his style influences all come from a variety of past U.S. style trends and his views of American life: "Whenever I look at the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Mt. Rushmore, whenever I see a pair of blue jeans or a '65 Mustang, I realize that these are all icons that make me proud to be American." (Hilfiger, p18) , Page 2 Advertisements are generally brightly colored and show people that are comfortable and having a good time in Tommy clothes. Like other designers, Tommy appeals to a variety of generations and types of people by gearing his advertisements towards the crowd he envisions as being the main consumer of that particular article of clothing. However, with the huge popularity he has achieved, his advertisements tend to have more attention paid to them. Advertisements for products such as baggy cargo pants, for example, usually involve teenagers engaged in some sort of "teenage" activity outside, more often than not in the city. It creates an urban image for his clothing
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