Tommy John Surgery : An Epidemic Of Professional Baseball Pitchers

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According to the American Sports Medicine Institute Tommy John surgery has become an epidemic in professional baseball pitchers.1 As if that isn’t concerning enough, it is being performed most prevalently on college baseball pitchers.2 The focus of this paper is to discuss how to prevent individuals from needing Tommy John surgery, the most successful methods/techniques in performing Tommy John surgery, as well as recovery from the surgery to allow a player to return or even eclipse their abilities prior to their injury. Current/ongoing research on Tommy John surgery is focusing on the success of different surgical methods, rehabilitation techniques, and prevention/protection of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury. Tommy John surgery is…show more content…
At this point I envision being able to use this paper to educate players and coaches, so they can take this information to help avoid risk factor and prevent UCL injuries. If a player needs Tommy John surgery this paper should give them a good idea of what the surgery entails, and what type of rehabilitation they need to partake in to get back to full health. At this point I don’t see this paper having a hypothesis, because I would rather use it as a tool to educate UCL injuries and Tommy John surgery as a whole, than focus in on a smaller more detailed topic to do with Tommy John surgery. My overall population consists of competitive baseball pitchers from age 8 to age 40. I would expect that most, if not all of this population will be male, as most baseball players are boys/men. There will be varying geographic locations, however a correlation has been found in Tommy John surgery incidence in pitchers from warm weather climates.4 There will also be a varying social economic status in this population, although I would expect that more surgeries are performed on those of higher SES due to the fact that professional players make high salaries, and those of low SES may not be able to afford the surgery. My research will primarily include information on competitive baseball pitchers that have had Tommy John
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