Tomorrow When the War Began Quotes

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“Writing it down is important to us…recording what we’ve done, in words, on paper, it’s got to be our way of telling ourselves that we mean something, that we matter. That the things we’ve done have made a difference.”

“We’d thought that we were among the first humans to invade this basin, but humans had invaded everything, everywhere. They didn’t have to walk into a place to invade it. Even Hell was not immune.”

“Hell wasn’t anything to do with places, Hell was all to do with people. Maybe Hell was people.”

“I still couldn’t comprehend that this might be a matter of life and death, that this was the most serious thing I’d ever been involved in.”

“That was the first moment at which I
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I didn’t want to let them down. If I did, they would die.”

“God, I can’t believe the things we’ve done.”

Chris: “Ninety percent of the school thought he was weird, ten per cent thought he was a legend, everybody thought he was a genius.”


“We’ve got a wimp for a foreign minister…He doesn’t understand the people he’s dealing with. They respect strength, not weakness!” (face on television News)
“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” (Ellie)
“Oh Ellie, I hope there’s no disasters,” (Robyn)
“‘It’s probably the start of World War Three,’ said Lee. ‘We’ve probably been invaded and don’t even know.’”
“I realised I was quite anxious to get home, to see how things were, to make sure it was all ok. I did feel some kind of strange anxiety.”
“I don’t know if I was happy that day – those tense and edgy feelings were getting stronger and stronger – but I do know I’ve never been happy since.”


“Commemoration Day, when the whole country stops…traditionally the day of the Wirrawee Show. It’s quite an occasion.”

“Cobbler’s Bay…one of the world’s great natural harbours, used only by the occasional fishing boat or cruising yacht. It was too far from the city for anything else.” (quote continues, foreshadowing) “We could see a couple of ships there this time though.”

“Hell is a cauldron of boulders and trees…It’s a wild place…The cliffs all around it are spectacular, hundreds of metres high in places. There’s a series of small cliffs called Satan’s Steps
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