Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden, Personal Response

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Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden.
Tomorrow when the war began by John Marsden is an exceptional novel filled with action, suspense and tension. The author tells the story of seven stereotypical examples of teenagers heading up into the hills to camp for a while when they suddenly find themselves drawn into the extreme stress of a war as they are left to fend for themselves. It is an inspiring tale of how they all responded to the war in different ways, took risks and grew from ordinary teenagers.
All seven teenagers transform from normal youths to brave, courageous and strong young adults as they deal with the loss of loved ones and extreme fear. But out of all seven I found Homer’s character developed the most. Before the
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Another interesting character in the novel was the main character Ellie. I found her interesting as she developed close relationships with people she never thought she would. Early on in the book when the group of friends find out their families have been captivated Ellie is one of the people who breaks down the most. She really struggles with the news and often feels scared and uncertain of her
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