Tomorrowland Research Paper

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The rising sun shined brightly on the glimmering blue and white castle that stood down the long, red pathway. Fresh popped popcorn lingered in the air, little boys and girls running around with plastic pirate swords and princess crowns. My moms dark, brown braided hair swayed side to side with every step she took catching my attention. A group of men wearing different color striped vests singing to familiar tunes, it seemed as if they were warming up for a broadway production. That was when a loud speaker overhead started blaring a magical tune. Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald hopped onto stage singing to the beat of the music. Eventually Mickey jumped onto stage allowing for the castle party to begin. Heading to Tomorrowland toward the end of the show made me feel even more excitement. How much excitement can one person contain?…show more content…
The robotic tunes and bright lights ran throughout the themed land. That was when loud buzzing went off shifting everyones attentions to look up. Rockets! The rockets lifted as they began moving in circles following the others. My dad, brother and I walked towards one of our favorite attractions Space Mountain. Seeing our shadows that lingered in front of us, made it seem as if we were actual astronauts ready to walk into our very own space shuttle. We walked through the long tunnel playing the queue games they offered in line. Once boarded into the shuttle we were not afraid to yell and scream at all the sudden hills and turns. Let's just say the ride was out of this
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