`` Tomorrows Designs, Classics Today '

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‘’Tomorrows Designs, Classics Today’’

In this Exhibition, I will be looking at Haute Couture Designers Giorgio Armani and Giambattista Valli and their contemporary designs. These designers have shown a lot of passion for their work, building their way up throughout the years and not losing the concepts of their designs being classic and elegant today. What makes a design considered as a classic today is a garment that is one off meaning it 's just been designed to fit the customers needs, therefore the garments have to be all handmade but also something wearable for few decades. That’s why Parisian approaches fashion in different combinations to tailoring fit to the body and drawing on the legacy of extravagance and imagination in design to make it modern and classic at the same time.

To take an example of a classic would be Coco Chanel ‘’The Little Black Dress’’ this garment was indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe and still is every woman need a black dress in their wardrobe’s. Haute Couture from the words Haute meaning ‘’High’’ and couture, meaning ‘’Sewing’’. Refers to high-quality fashion design produced by a designer or couturier, usually for a specific client. Traditionally associated with the Paris fashion industry and the peak designer body, La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. Chanel was important because she offered new fashions in less structured fabrics like jersey, including trousers and jackets for women. Chanel real legacy was not that she redressed all
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