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Toms Auto Service Case Study #1) Toms Auto Service (TAS) would define their customer service package by providing friendly and professional employee who interact with customers, providing oil, oil filters, tires, windshield wiper blades, and lubricants. They also provide their customers a waiting room with fresh blends and assortments of coffee, tea, soda, magazines, Wi-Fi, and high definition televisions. More services that they include are discount coupons, cleaning the vehicle inside and out, reviewing service history with the customer, and explaining the technical aspects of the vehicle service or if a mechanical problem is discovered. Their mission is to make sure that the customer leaves happy and in a timely fashion. The…show more content…
By checking in your customers establishes a name and face with the employee, which helps the customer feel like they can connect to you or talk to you without hesitation. Providing a friendly attitude and offering free services will help retain customers as you check them in for the appointment. Before TAS preforms a service they talk to the customer about the possible issues with the car and how they can fix it. Doing something like this is important because it provides a connection between TAS and the customer receiving the service. They feel more comfortable with TAS working on their car because of the connection that was established. Taking surveys is important too because it provides customer feedback and could help TAS focus on things that needs to be and what doesn’t need to be worked on. It could make or break TAS if they don’t take the customers words into consideration. Finally, maintaining a professional image and making sure that the employees hands are washed is important because a customer wouldn’t want to shake your hand with oil on your hand. Remaining as clean as possible will show the customer that they are a sanitary store. All of these processes help TAS in the biggest and smallest ways. #4) While looking at the analysis of the survey data, I noticed a couple opportunities for improvement with-in the company. What I noticed was the lack of skills that the service management training covered, and

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