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The Business of Saving International Feet TOMS Shoes Bergan Crane John Dabbs Reynaldo Nunez Group 3 February 24, 2011 MGT 3371 INTRODUCTION TOMS Shoes It is often assumed, after the past decade of scandalous CEOs and selfish executives, that the perspective of today’s “businessman” is one who strives to cultivate a small empire of affluence and happiness, private jets and vacation homes. The world is shown each and every day how the malicious business practices of one person can easily translate to the disintegration of the whole corporation. However, in rare instances, a businessman like Blake Mycoskie, the creator of TOMS Shoes, arrives on the scene and what he shows the world is that big business,…show more content…
Mycoskie designed TOMS Shoes to be environmentally friendly making them out of organic canvas and some post-consumer recycled plastics which adds upon its many culturally-charming practices. TOMS One for One mission statement is born from the idea that one pair sold means one pair for charity; a hybrid born from the heart and soul of the company’s creator. STRATEGY & GOALS 1,000,000 & Counting Originally, the plan was to sell TOMS shoes on a small scale, having each pair made to order out of Mycoskie’s apartment. Word spread about TOMS shoes being a quality product that was leading the charge in an important global cause and suddenly, the brand began selling more than Mycoskie’s apartment could lodge. Needing more room to grow, TOMS shoes moved into a warehouse located in Santa Monica where it is currently headquartered. Today, TOMS shoes can be found in countless specialty boutiques around the world, along with large scale stores such as American Rag, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom ( In the final months of 2008, TOMS shoes began making significant moves within its market in order to maintain a solid brand. In order to do this, TOMS moved towards the international market and selling of TOMS products in France, Australia, and Italy. Thus far, that move

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