Toms Shoes History

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Fashion and trend are one of the fastest growing industries and stylish shoes and accessories is a must in today's world. Toms the shoe makers are one of those companies that offers trendy shoes and footwear suitable to your taste for all occasions and trends. Toms is a company that believes in the slogan “Give and Take”. While they do business, they also believe in giving and helping the poor and people with less privilege.

About Toms

The company, which started with shoes and other accessories such as bags, eye wear, coffee is also striving on helping children in need. Not only children, but they aim to eradicate poverty and have undertaken many measures to provide every day essentials for poor families. Their one for one movement has helped a great deal to provide shoes for many who do not have footwear to walk.
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Toms shoes are made of organic cotton, natural hemp, recycled polyester. You can find Toms giving and helping movement details in their website as well as in the founder Blake Mycoskie's book “Start something that matters”. The company has given 35 million shoes to children since 2006. Apart from this, they also launched other programs through which they have served with clean water, eyesight for people in need and safe birth.

Save While You Give And Take

Toms gives an excellent opportunity of pure satisfaction when you buy their shoes. While you shop and buy a shoe, you get do give a footwear to a child through the Toms 'one on one' movement. We at give various coupons and promo codes of all major stores and Toms is one of them. You can shop the Toms products with toms coupons, toms promo codes and other deals from us that offers great discounts. Here are a few deals that you can find at Toms.

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