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Theme Chart Analysis

Using the Grounds Theory approach our group determined and analyzed the common themes on social media surrounding the Toms Shoes brand. We created a Theme chart and a sub-theme chart from the largest theme. These charts can be seen below. The top three themes were 1) Social Justice, which was mainly comprised of soundbites focused on the Toms One For One motto and their positive impact on those less fortunate 2) Style, which was largely focused on the look of the shoes and 3) what we named Purchase/ want, this category was comprised of soundbites in which people were talking about a purchase they had just made or stating that they really wanted to purchase a certain pair, more pairs or every pair of Toms. We have
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Then we set the custom date range from April 10th, 2012 to June 15th, 2012. There were 621 mentions. People mentioned One Day Without Shoes mostly on the event date and then it began to decrease and stopped within a week. There were 88% positive and 12% negative comments. Some people thought it was nasty and gross to go without shoes in crowded or public areas, but the majority thought that it supported a good cause and were willing as well as excited to join the campaign. Many people shared their good experience of being barefoot on that day, which is what we expected. However, similar to the analysis of the pre event date, the number of mentions quite still pretty small. Most of the stream came from twitter.
We recommend Toms improve their campaign. Not entirely change the campaign but make a minor change in order to make it more exciting and so that it is not exactly the same every year. We think that this will help boost participation and therefore awareness of the brands mission. One way Toms could accomplish this is by arranging a video competition, which would ask people to make their own video doing their daily activities barefoot. They would then be asked to post the videos on Toms Facebook. Whomevers video got the most ‘likes’ would win a reward or prize. Perhaps even a trip to one of the countries where Toms gives there shoes away so that the dedicated customer could help deliver the shoes and experience first-hand how impactful

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