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Shoes for Tomorrow
By: Melanie Helgeson

Introduction Blake MyCoskie established TOMS Shoes in May of 2006. (Fortune, 2008) MyCoskie competed on the second season of the hit show The Amazing Race, where he traveled to Argentina. There he met many children and adults who could not afford to buy shoes, he was troubled by this fact and wanted to do something about it. He traveled back to Argentina for vacation and it was then that he decided he would start a shoe business, but not an ordinary shoe business. He decided that for every shoe that was sold another shoe would be donated to a child in need. It was then that MyCoskie’s “One for One” marketing plan was created. (Time, 2007)

Situation Analysis
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When you purchase a pair of BOBS another pair will be donated. Unfortunately only bad press has come from this attempt at social responsibility. People have determined that Sketchers completely stole the idea of TOMS from their name to their motto. For TOMS this is being seen as a double edged sword. TOMS purpose is to get people in need of shoes a pair of shoes, and should it matter if it is Sketchers or TOMS? Money wise it is good for TOMS, but for the community who needs shoes it might mean less shoes for them. SWOT Analysis Strengths A strong brand that people recognize Currently a very trendy shoe They are comfortable shoes TOMS has a strong emotional appeal to its audience Marketing Strategy: One-for-One Blake MyCoskie is a charismatic leader, who is a good speaker Good at getting people involved Constantly planning events to fundraise and bring awareness There aren’t any companies that have succeeded at one-for-one marketing with shoes Weaknesses Hard to determine who deserves shoes Social responsibility makes the consumer feel guilty Expensive, since people are paying twice the amount the shoes are worth Makes other competitors seem like copy cats when they are trying to help the community Have to constantly innovate and come up with new designs They depend mostly on word of mouth They depend a lot on their online community and social media

Opportunities There are tons of children and adults in need of shoes Always different ways to fundraise

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