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Toni Morrison:
Segregated, set apart from the rest, she stood out in a crowd and was capable of things that many don’t even think of doing. Toni Morrison, formally Chloe Anthony Wofford, is an African American author who is known for her fiction novels, plays, children's literature, and sometimes even opera and political essays. Morrison was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio. Growing up in the depression was difficult for Morrison and her family, and being African American didn’t lessen any difficulties they faced. Born into a racially diverse community, Toni Morrison was inspired to write some of her most famous literary works including Sula, Beloved and The Bluest Eye, and was criticized for discussing ‘sore’ topics. Toni Morrison’s
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Toni Morrison’s first published novel is The Bluest Eye, which was published in 1970. As Telgen explains, The Bluest Eye tells the story of Claudia Macteer. The book opens in present tense but continues to go back and forth between Claudia’s present self, her nine year old self, and an omniscient point of view. The novel mostly centers around Claudia, Frieda, who Claudia’s sister, and their attachment to a young black girl named Pecola Breedlove. Throughout the story the narrators take turns showing the hardships of each family and how Claudia and Pecola constantly wish for blue eyes, thinking that is they had them their lives would be much easier and more enjoyable(68). Toni Morrison later published Sula, which also received a lot of attention, in 1973. As Smith clarifies, Sula takes place in the African American part of a town known as “The Bottom” in Medallion, Ohio. The novel centers around Sula Peace, but often tells stories of her dysfunctional family also. Sula Peace is described as dark, and not just because of her skin. Sula has a very dark personality that affects her family members in various ways(243). Fourteen years later Toni Morrison published another hit novel, Beloved. As Napierkowski and Stanley state, Beloved takes place throughout the Civil War and is centered around the struggles of that Sethe, the main character, and her family face. Throughout the novel you see how broken Sethe is because of slavery. She lives her live in her own small insulated world where she is constantly trying to escape her past(27-28). Although Morrison outstanding writing abilities has gotten her books very far, she did not always want to be an author. Toni Morrison says, “I never wanted to be a writer, but I was always an avid reader of fiction. I really began writing myself when I drifted into a writer’s group while teaching at Howard University”(qtd. in “Toni Morrison” 166). Not long
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