Toni Morrison 's Beloved, The Bond Between A Mother And Daughter

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Love transcends to a spiritual level, allowing for a more intimate connection with the family. Nevertheless, terrible events can blur this concept between being healthy or dangerous. In Beloved, by Toni Morrison, the bond between a mother and daughter is a strong, unbreakable force, like in any family. However, that doesn’t guarantee that it will always be good; it can also be a toxic relationship that slowly kills one or both partners of the bond mentally and physically.
Everyone wishes to be loved or have affection displayed towards them throughout their entire life. Yet, there is still that boundary of love crossing that line and becoming too obsessed, turning into an unhealthy attachment. Teresa N. Washington defines this relationship
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Before the physical arrival of Beloved, they’re both trapped in the house of sorrows and sadness. Later, however, they both become addicted to the presence of Beloved, and essentially fight over her love and who deserves it. It’s not until later when Denver wakes up from this dream and faces the fact that her sister is a monster and her mother needs to be saved from dying. Plus, even though Denver is the youngest of Sethe’s children and the only one that stuck around, Sethe still pushed Denver to the side when Beloved came back into the picture. This is a shown favoritism that parents have to remember and fight against to not do. But, still today, this is shown in families across the world. So it’s reasonable to understand that nobody is perfect; however, it doesn’t make it right she stopped taking care of Denver for her other child she lost time with.
Besides the issues that the family as a whole face at 124, Sethe has her own struggles from early on in her life. Michele A.L Barzey touches on one of these struggles Sethe faces with motherhood in her article on “Thick Love: Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love”. Sethe never knew her mother and she was the only surviving child her mother, Ma’am had since she was raped so many times by white men. However, Sethe also had two other mother figures bringing her up into
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