Toni Morrison 's ' Sula ' Broken Minds : A Psychological Perspective

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Jessica Gardiner
ENGL 4020S
Dr. Gould
2 October 2014
Essay 2: Toni Morrison, Sula
Broken Minds: A Psychological Perspective of Toni Morrison’s Sula In Toni Morrison’s Sula, and in her other fictional novels, to understand and interpret the causation behind each character’s psychological mind, the reader must employ an African American critical theoretical method when analyzing the literature. African American critical theory requires both the knowledge of Black Psychology and Gender Psychology which also involves general knowledge regarding African American history. Analyzing an African American themed novel can sometimes be difficult for those whom are not of African decent and have not experienced diversity or prejudice, but one must envision a perspective of an individual of the documented race, class, and gender. Having knowledge of basic foundational African American history and culture allows for greater analyze and interpretation of mental instability versus normality of the Euro-American people for comparison purposes. To fully grasp the meaning of Sula, the reader must acknowledge the differences in African American psyches versus Euro-American thought processes. In Sula, denial manifest itself in various forms, whether it be in regards to creating a new falsified, personal reality or suppressing memories to reduce the chance of a complete mental breakdown. In the narrative, Morrison includes examples of a traditional African American lifestyle, examples that

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