Toni Morrison's The Legend Of Annelida

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FORGED IN THE PURSUIT OF SELF-PRESERVATION, refuge, and vengeance, the history of Annelida (where our story takes place), is a small but distinctive country with an extraordinary and divine history that once upon a time, housed twelve realms governed by magical Rulers.
On the eve of a blue moon, a Royal Seeker named Ozocerite had foreseen a terrible vision. The next morning, he revealed to his King. “War is coming. And with it, Death will extinguish the monarchies…leaving only one standing.”
The Royal Seeker’s troubling vision had shattered the very foundation of peace throughout the twelve realms. As his young and ambitious King-Orrin of the Royal Household of the Harriman-believing, the prophecy was about himself, became the first King to
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His name was King David of the Royal Household of the Callaghan: a tall, burly man with eyes, blacker than night. His pale and wrinkly skin was well-worn with scars detailing the toil in which his demanding and strenuous life has brought him.
During the war, King David married a noblewoman name, Elisabeth.
Queen Elisabeth was a beautiful and nurturing woman that sadly passed away after giving birth to their seventh child, Princess Isibeal. King David mourned the Queen’s death for many years, before taking another wife: but tragedy had befallen the royal couple within months of their nuptials. Saddened by his second wife’s sudden passing, the King vowed never to wed again.
Although the King was born a ‘Draíochta’-a person born without magic, his shrewd and cunning ways made him more powerful and dangerous than those born with it.
At the tender age of fourteen, a newly crowned King David raged a long and perilous war, coinciding with the Battle of the Lands, against King Talon of the Royal Household of the Camion-one of Annelida twelve royal families: after it was discovered, King Talon had poisoned his father, King Albert
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From a young age, King Caxton has had a complicated relationship with his late father. On his twenty-first birthday, two years after the wars had ended. His father discovered he had married an untitled maiden in secret. The forbidden union resulted in Caxton being stripped of his royal title and banish from his father’s court.
Three years past, before the two reconciled: with King Phillip reinstating Caxton’s royal title and officiating his marriage in a lavish affair that lasted over three months-each months representing one year Caxton was in banishment. Grateful for his son’s forgiveness, King Phillip additionally bestowed Caxton with riches, titles, and lands of his own choosing.
Caxton declined his father’s offerings, choosing instead to live out his days in the countryside, where he established a small farming village with his wife’s family.
Two years later, the news of King Phillip’s fragile state had spread throughout the
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