Tony Blair's Approach to Power Essay

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Tony Blair's Approach to Power Since Labour came into power in 1997 Tony Blair has been criticised by some for being the 'son of Thatcher'. Many say that labour is now following the values and policies similar to that of a Tory government and in particular a Tory government lead by Margaret Thatcher. Before the time of Tony Blair and New Labour, the left wing party stood firm on one value and that was socialism. More on Labours old Values and policies The conservatives on the other hand have very different policies or not so different as some may argue. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher lead the conservative government from 1979-1990 and she made some very radical changes that have stuck.…show more content…
Benefits for the unemployed were amongst those worst affected. The idea behind this economic change was to make unemployment less attractive, thus forcing the unemployed to take lower wage jobs. The Conservatives hoped that this would drastically lower the unemployment rate. And finally, Thatcher reduced and in some cases withdrew subsidies to many industries, compelling the closure of many concerns and the more efficient operation of the rest in the face of international competition. All of these economic changes made by Margaret Thatcher were extremely right wing with very capitalist values. All her policies were heavily criticised by Labour which is why it seems strange that Tony Blair has adopted many of her values and policies. As labour were so against privatisation in the 1980's most thought that they would try and change things when they were in power. This of course was not the case and in 1997 Tony Blair's labour government showed willingness to keep privatisation as an option and private ownership plans were not disgarded as some thought they might be, they were in fact extended. Blair's government planned to sell 51% of air traffic control and they also introduced private ownership in some of the London Underground's busiest lines. He then introduced the idea of Private Finance Initiative.
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