Tony Nicklinson's Argument Against Euthanasia

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Euthanasia, otherwise known as assisted suicide, has always been a highly controversial topic among society. As a result, the Australian government has been hesitant to permit the practice ever since it’s foundation, with an almost blank slate in terms of legalization in our history. The word itself originates from the Greek word, meaning ‘good death’ - an excellent summary of euthanasia and the benefits it presents.

Much of the discussion around euthanasia is based heavily on patient’s right to live. It is often heavily implied that by helping to end an individual’s life, we are stripping them of the basic human right to live. What people often fail to see is the hypocrisy behind such claims.

Tony Nicklinson was a patient who had his bid
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“Euthanasia could ‘erode’ the worth of human life” is an approach often used, and what amazes me each time is that those who propound this position seem never to have a problem with sacrificing humans to advance a position dear to their own interest. Bombing Afghanistan, Syria, Libya. Sending soldiers to wars to fight (and even they may have it better than certain people in terms of freedom, having chosen to put their life on the line for what they believe to be the greater good and being respected for doing so). The areas in which human lives are sacrificed on the daily are limitless. It appears that human life is conditional upon one’s social status - asylum seekers, homeless people, people suffering from addiction - have seemingly voluntarily compromised their worth.

Additionally, the more technical look upon the word ‘worth’ is of high importance to the legalization of euthanasia. Those battling terminal diseases, ones that have extremely low chances of surviving beyond the hospital, are clear resource sinks from society. Whilst this argument may sound crude and inhumane, it is in fact quite the opposite. Think of it like this: a system of legalized euthanasia will simply help transfer medical resources from those who want to die to those who want to
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