Tony's Perception Of Color Blindness

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When something is perceived through damaged lenses, nothing appears to be abnormal because everything is equally out of sorts. One way to look at it can be like looking at color blindness. Whether or not the color blind person knows that they cannot see color regularly is irrelevant, either way their perception of color is damaged everywhere they look. So, this life of color blindness is normal when it otherwise would not be to someone who has seen color before. This is just like Tony’s damage, even if he could recognize his damage, he would still see the world differently than everyone else. The problem arises when Tony’s perspective is the only one that the readers are allotted to. The reader may not even know that their interpretation of the novel is skewed because, through one lens, the default is that everything that is happening is normal. Nothing can be known to be true about the actual events that happened as they truly happened to Tony; nevertheless, it would be bias to assume that what is on the pages is what the story was from an outside perspective. Judgement needs to be suspended in order to come to a conclusion about one’s opinion of what truly happened, unless one believes that Tony’s account of his story was true word for word. It is no coincidence…show more content…
In order to form opinions based on one’s own perspective, the outside point of view has to be considered rather than the internal point of view of Tony’s damaged identity. Overall the opinions formed will be those of the reader and can not be influenced by anyone other than that individual. Damage is something reflected in everyone; but, the degree of damage varies between people. So, Tony’s damaged point of view should not be considered in order for the outside perspective not to be influenced by an internal, inaccurate
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