Essay on Too Far Ahead of the It Curve?

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Question 2: MEMORANDUM Date: January 24, 2013 To: Manager From: Van Student, Business Analyst Subject: Discuss options in regards to the delay in implementation of the new system Please see the summary of the issues that arise because of the implementation delay, and the evaluation of possible course of options to resolve them. Current issues: The project has gone far over budget and over schedule. And yet in its final stage, we still face additional cost in new software licensing. In the mean time, we also need the resources in place to launch the new product after years of research and development. We do not have enough cash for both, so the decision here is whether to delay the launch of the new product, or choose to…show more content…
Question 3: EXECUTIMVE SUMMARY IT tool has become a double-edged sword to Peachtree. It is indispensible and yet the unreliability of it could cause catastrophic consequences. Facing the routine breakdowns, and the increase burden of supporting various legacy systems across all hospitals, the company must decide whether to replace with monoliths – enterprise software, or just pieces of it with SOA approach. The first would create mass standardization. And the latter would allow for selective standardization. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. How then could Peachtree decide? Criteria such as, selective standardization, reliability, timing, ease of implementation should be the basis for any selection. The final decision would then have to really take the different aspects of clinical culture of each hospital into account. Given the nature of healthcare mission and Peachtree’s long term business strategy, it is crucial to maintain some form of autonomy especially in the treatment of patients. The recommendation is to go with SOA method since it allows for selective standardization. And that would support business objectives. CURRENT SITUATION Peachtree current IT system is barely functioning, it is having routine breakdowns. The reliability of the IT tools is in question. The results of such failures have been causing distress on staffs and threatening the quality of services provided. If the IT
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