Too Little to Late: The Youth's Loss of Interest in Learning

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One reason for this is probably that schools are not preparing future adults adequately enough for life outside of school. While school may prepare our children in some areas of life such as teaching commitment by coming to school or doing homework every day, that would only apply to students who take school seriously. During my high school years it was obvious that the vast majority of students did not want to be there, as they either did not show up or ditched school as soon as the bell rang. While there are some students who strive to do well in their studies, I don’t believe it Is because “they” want to do well but rather because their parents force them too. In comparison there are only a small percentage of students who take charge of their education. Students should be taught why it is important that they should show up on time every day. On top of that I also believe that teaching students about the real world during high school is a little too late, because by then a lot of students will have lost interest in why it is important to learn these things. Learning about this should come at any early age like any other school subject. These subjects include assuming new responsibilities, taking care of yourself, dealing with money, and preparing for the future.
Shortly after high school I found myself engulfed in things that weren't problems before, such as providing my own…
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