Too Many Commercials on Television

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If you're sitting at home watching television it's quite obvious that you're going to end up seeing more commercials than the length of whichever show you're viewing. Some people might take those opportunities to direct there attention different matters and others might just shrug them off. However, from the view of a feminist, it could mean suffering through stereotypical depictions of women and wanting to hurl your flatscreen out the window. To put it simply, the way society tends to view women is far from being harmless.

On November 9, 2013, Pantene came out with a feminist-themed ad campaign in the Philippines that quickly spread throughout the world. The video featured a man and a woman facing a typical workplace double standard. The male in the classy suit is called a boss, but the female in her little black dress is bossy. When giving a speech, he’s persuasive, but she's being pushy. At the end of the commericial the female twists around and words appear onscreen: “Don’t let labels hold you back. Be strong and shine.” Advertising such as this first has you smelling fresh flowers but then reality sets in and all you can really smell is bullshit. "Is a woman really considered “vain” when she washes her face? Is prancing across the street in a dress really being a “showoff?” In trying to dispel female stereotypes, Pantene may make women feel more criticized than they are." (Claire Suddath, Pantene's Anti-Sexism Shampoo Commercial Comes to the U.S.) It becomes apparent

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