Too Many Threats for Soldiers

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In today’s world as an American soldier there are an untold amount of things that may be perceived as a threat. During the United States war on global terrorism these threats have migrated away from the common enemy holding a gun, grenade, or rocket in which the soldier would be accustomed to seeing. Instead what has turned into a common occurrence in conflict is the use of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). These lethal weapons commonly crafted out of tools and objects that are usually found within an ordinary home. Large tin coffee cans packed with explosives within its bottom, filled to the top with sharp and small objects ranging from separated scissors to nuts and bolts to act as shrapnel bombs. These would be set aside a dirt road adjacent to a pile of trash with a triggering mechanism either timed, remote detonation or a pressure trigger by wire in order to set off around unsuspecting soldiers who may be within a convoy or patrolling around the outskirts of a village. This example is one of many in which the threat that the soldier must recognize is one that is much more difficult to see, making it a prime method for terrorists to use in their efforts. These methods however were not always the only threats in which a soldier would encounter. In previous experiences that have been reported the detonation of an IED had acted much like the blow of a whistle, a flag being waved around to cue the start of an ambush. In situations much like the add-on to this example it

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