Too Much Class : Class Sizes

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Too Much Class Class sizes today are getting bigger every year. According to Mokoto Rich, "public schools employ about 250,000 fewer people than before the recession, according to figures from the Labor Department. Enrollment in public schools, meanwhile, has increased by more than 800,000 students" (New York Times). Those figures are astonishing. With enrollment up and staffing down it pushes more students into a classroom. This "staffing gap has pushed elementary class sizes to 30 students and more in California" (Rich). With thirty students to one teacher the learning in the classroom will be affected. The issues of over populated classrooms make learning more difficult, will have more discipline issues and a teacher will not be able to provide a truly stable environment where the students can learn uninterrupted. Students in small classrooms are provided a more functionally effective learning environment. Students in all grades are affected when there are large class sizes. The teacher cannot provide the students with the personal one on one time that is required. With thirty students in a classroom, there will be some students who need the extra help that will be harder to detect. Students with learning disabilities will not get the added support that is needed. There will be some learning disabilities that will not be detected at all because the teachers will be too busy handling all of the students. With larger class sizes there will be discipline issues…

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