Too Much Divorce in America

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In today’s society it seems that divorce is as common as marriage. Statistics have shown that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. In looking at the information available I decided to look at common causes of divorce and look how each one affects the marriage and creates dissension and animosity in the relationship. At the top of my list I have chosen communication. This is the number one key to anything if it is to be successful. For example if I tell you to go to Cleveland Ohio but I do not give you directions, location or a reason to go; why would you go? Intimate communication seems to be lost with the addition of social media, cell phones, video games, hobbies or both parents working. It seems easier to air out issues through Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. It appears easier to talk it out through cyber space than each other. We gain support from friends, family or acquaintances to justify our issues before engaging in a conversation with our significant other. With this support through these media outlets it could move a person to irrational decisions or in some cases online affairs. Looking at the next issue I feel is another steeping stone in divorce is finances. It seems our society feels that the more we have the happier we will be. If we have more money, better job, bigger house it all equals a better life. We work towards higher paying jobs which tend to lead to more hours in return means less time at home and building a family unit. During
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