Too Much Force And Freedom In Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

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Henry David Thoreau along with many other patriots believed that the government of their time should have less of an influence to the people of America. Thoreau believed “that government is best which governs the least”. In the book Civil disobedience Thoreau wants to resolve the issue of having too much control in a single party, or in this case the government having too much control over the citizens. The president during this time was using too much force and power over the citizen which is what so angrily urged Thoreau to want to right this piece to open up the public’s eyes about what they are so blindly following. I believe Thoreau wrote this piece specifically to the loyalist rather than the patriots in this situation because I feeling the patriots already knew what was broken in the system and they weren’t the ones who needed to be opened up to the truth; the truth of how unfair their political system was and how little the subjects of America were treated with respect. The book was written to prove how much better the world would be if the government was composed by the people as a whole rather than one person making all of the decisions. Thoreau believes that the government loses it integrity every time a decision is made; that the government thinks its people as subjects rather than individual people with needs and a conscience to do what is right for all. Thoreau uses many political events of his time to prove such claims against the government such as the
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