Essay about Too Much Gun Control in the United States

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Do you like guns or would like to own a gun? Would like to have a gun for self protection if the time comes? If so the gun control laws could cause you not to be able to. For that reason gun control laws are way too strict. Some of the elderly that live alone look to guns as self defense. That is way is why I believe there shouldn’t be so much gun control. Approximately 2.5 million times a year guns are used in self defense. There is about 62,200 victims of violent crimes one percent of them use guns as self defense and another 20,000 are use guns to protect property. Around fifteen million gun owners participate in sporting events. In 1993, 18.5 million gun owners attended sporting events(“Gun Control”). Gun Control…show more content…
They regulate firearms and firearm transfers into nine classes of people prohibited from possessing firearms. The first class is that a person convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year. The second class is if a person is a fugitive from justice. Third class is if a person is a drug user or addicts. The fourth class is a person adjudicated mental defectives, or committed to mental institutions. The fifth class is unauthorized immigrants. The sixth class is if a person is dishonorably discharged from the armed forces. The seventh class is U.S. citizen denunciates. The eighth class involves a person under court order restraints related to threatening an intimate partner or child. The last class is if someone has been convicted of a misdemeanor for domestic violence. Firearms can be sold by an individual and avoid all of the classes. They introduced the Brady Act which put a heavy out look on background check. Around 30 million firearm backgrounds checks were completed between Feb. 29, 1994 and 2000, resulting in 689,000 denials (“Gun Control”). The states control some of the firearm regulations and sales. The state controls the waiting period. Waiting periods are still used even through they are no longer needed. The states said that local authorities can’t make or pass any gun related ordinances. States set the law to

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