Too Much Information About Healthy Eating

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Americans are getting too much information about "healthy eating," but we all still suffer from higher rates of obesity and chronic disease than ever before. Experts are inventing many ways and many things to help people lose weight. From hardcore exercises, diet pills, to plans of eliminating certain foods. However, the rates of obesity is still increasing. As it for now, we don 't really need much advice because we already know basically what we should do: eat a variety of healthy balance foods, especially whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; minimize sugar intake, soda and other empty calories; and watch how much we eat. And of course do some physical activity each day.Then why do we have all the complicated nutritional advice, contradictory research studies, and endless health diets? In part because they give the food companies a way to sell more products. And on our side of the table, it is often easier to read about what we should do, then actually change our eating patterns. The real answer of this endless problems and questions regarding situation we are facing now is how society shaped people’s mind and behavior towards new trends. As the world emerging people are intrigued with the new invention, especially in food industry. People are expecting more variety, cheaper products, and more challenging types of food to be consumed. However, food industry is still a business, with high demand of products they need to produce, they need cheaper ingredients to make it

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