Too Much Information About Healthy Eating

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Americans are getting too much information about "healthy eating," but we all still suffer from higher rates of obesity and chronic disease than ever before. Experts are inventing many ways and many things to help people lose weight. From hardcore exercises, diet pills, to plans of eliminating certain foods. However, the rates of obesity is still increasing. As it for now, we don 't really need much advice because we already know basically what we should do: eat a variety of healthy balance foods, especially whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; minimize sugar intake, soda and other empty calories; and watch how much we eat. And of course do some physical activity each day.Then why do we have all the complicated nutritional advice, …show more content…
Can they really change the ir habit and get relieved from their worries about their life?
Substituting our daily food intake with healthy alternative choice is better for maintaining healthy weight and preventing serious disease instead of doing crash diets, doing excessive exercise, eliminating certain foods and believing in magic pills. It does not mean that we could not enjoy good meals anymore or simply eating just raw food, but it is all about eating a balanced and healthy meals. It is a way to fix the problem, by changing the point of view of people towards the knowledge of eating food. We should understand that the problem to all unending problem in this world is about eating habit. People would not suffer in obesity or serious disease if they only consume what their body needs which is nutrients. If Food is like medicine, you are what you eat.
History of Food
From time to time, food has evolved in so many ways. In prehistoric times, like hunter and gatherer era, human were relying so much on plants. According to discovery channel, our ancestor could live more than 100 years back then because they are pretty much vegan. They only knew how to pick fruit and leaves. Until the time when they invented bow and arrow and other metal things to help them hunt animals. That was when people start to become omnivore and discover that meat is actually edible. From then on, people invent fire and use it to help them prepare their food. Eating
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