Too Much Poverty Of The World

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Too Much Poverty in the World April Goode Memphis University April Goode Maulin Herring Introduction to Sociology Date: 9/22/2014 Poverty Introduction In the world over, there is one thing that one cannot miss to know; poverty. It is something that has troubled the countries in the world for many years and that has been something whose solution has not been up to the present time. Poverty has become part of the discussion of leadership on how to eliminate it since it appears everywhere. That means that it is something that basically all people in the world know and given its nature, none of them wishes to be part of it (Blake, 2002). However, the story is different because of the seven billion people on earth, currently the greatest percentages of people are wallowing in extreme poverty. The issues here are so grave and it may be here to stay owing to the fact that it has been in the center stage for thousands of years. Several efforts have been made to eliminate them but as time moves on, more difficulties have come up which have made the progress even more cumbersome. Many powerful governments have also put in their strategies to save many people from the verge of poverty and a lot has really been done. Though so many people have been able to be saved, there is a lot more others whom poverty will be their lifetime experience. Something that interests very much is that the problem is grave even among powerful and most advanced countries economically, the United
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