Too Much Pressure On American Teenagers

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There is Too Much Pressure on American Teenagers to Go to College Everyday American teenagers are being pressured on graduating high school and going directly to college. Parents and counselors have such high expectations for teens that the students are unable to focus on going to college. Teenagers face many factors that cause pressure to go to college: worries about keeping up, fear of failure, feeling of stress and anxiety, social pressures academic pressure, human influences, the economy, and college itself . Pressure to succeed has gotten to high levels and is only becoming more difficult to comprehend and accomplish. Teens are expected to have a balanced life with time to be sociable and have free time, but with all of the pressure…show more content…
Students feel that they will fail in their parent’s and counselor’s eyes as well. If the students were to fail, most of them would think they are a failure at life because of how much the parents and counselors forced college upon them. Students think that they are expected to achieve such a big task, like college, so quick and perfect that if they do not complete it, people are disappointed. Students often get the failure lecture from many people if the students actually do fail. Teens do not need to be labeled as failures when the students are trying to handle all the pressure the best they can to succeed. Our Economy Changing Not only does the fear of failure pressure young people, but the fact that our economy has changed so much is also a big factor. America’s economy has gone from an industrial economy to a service economy. Most young people got to see their parents working in an industrial economy. In the 1990s that was the most popular way to work and it provided most of the jobs for citizens in the United States (The Epic Rise Of America 's Services Industry [CHARTS]). Then with the new health care industry, the industrial economy started to fade away. The health care and social assisting jobs then took over. It was a slow but fast and drastic change to the United States. Now adults expect young people to know how the service economy works and how to succeed in it properly. If the pressure of failure is not
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