Too Much Pressure On High School Students

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All parents want to see their kids succeed in school. However, by the time a student graduates they will then feel a sudden urge of relief after have encountered a significant amount of pressure throughout their high school years. The pressure is not only received by the school, but by society and the parents as well. Several students have experienced staying up long nights to finish homework, a loss of interest in a hobby, or an academic burnout at one point. It is common sense for one to say that school is not easy. Between trying to manage homework from all of their classes, studying for multiple different tests at once, and trying to maintain a decent social life, school can become very stressful for a young person. Too much pressure should not be put on high school students because it can lead to academic failure, truancy, and depression. Putting too much pressure on high school students can lead to academic failure. A lot of the time when a child is known for receiving good grades they are put on a pedestal by their parents and their school. The parents begin to expect for their child to succeed, but when they do not, it may lead to an uproar within the household. The pressure on the child is severe, and not enough support is given. After researching parental involvement towards high school students, it has been said that “Parents are most likely to attend school meetings and events or to volunteer in their child’s school when their children are in primary school…
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