Too Much Pressure in College

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Pressure in college
“Do you ever have college pressure?” Now a day, many College Students who have to face with numerous difficulties which are family, tuition, accommodation, study and etc. These can be a serious problem of how they can handle the pressure of each and how can they reduced pressure. Too much pressure can become mental disorder. There was a lot of suicide cases in Yale University, UCLA University, Harvard University, and it’s all because of college pressure. Currently, I am overcoming family and peer pressures, however through confide with others and to understand others.
As a college student, I have pressure, too but the most that I have a hard time is my family. I have pressure when I’m going home. William Zinsser who wrote “College Pressure” says, “They are caught in one of the oldest webs of love and duty and guilt” like my parents are expected me to be someone big and make a lot of money which they really want me to be a doctor. But to me, I think Doctor is a hard major, they need to practice for surgery and review the study a lot. Myself, I like to be more about computers, but I don’t want to be a person who repairs computers. I am thinking to take computer science, which is not making a lot of money but I have the joy, I have the passion when I’m working. Luckily, I can choose my major before my parents did and they did not pay for my major yet. There are more other things that I have pressure at home, when I need to do homework they tell me to do the
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