Too Much Screen Time Research Paper

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How do we know when it is time to call quits? Headaches, obesity, sleep deprivation, and more. These are just some of the many symptoms/effects of too much screen time. Imagine: Alone in the dark, the child sits. Doors locked, lights off, the parents are nowhere to be found. Out comes the ipad, swiped from the technology cabinet locked during night hours. The child broke the lock with the anger of separation from his device filling his eyes. Eyes glued, the child logs on. Tick, tick, tick. Each tick of the clock representing another mistake. This is becoming more and more common amongst this time period. Technology enhancements force the minds of these generations to act in such an uncontrollable manner. What kind of sick fantasy is this? Eyes are glued to screens all day. All.…show more content…
It is occupying, and fun. After a long day of stress, all a child wants to do is sit on the couch and watch t.v. But, after a couple minutes of watching or playing something, we can’t stop. Yikes! Then, we get lazy. We start eating on the couch, belly fat building up. Ditching friends and family. What about homework? Showers? School? Other priorities? As explained by Randy Yerrick, a professor at the University of Buffalo, technology does have a role in education. But, it is only worth the investment when it’s appropriately suited to the task (i.e. science simulations, or teaching children with learning disabilities). As you can see, technology is changing and so are people, so let’s hope and try to make it all for the best! All in all, it is evident that children need to start to use their time wisely because the effects of this addiction can, and are, leading to real problems. These problems range from health dangers for the mind and body, to problems in school, to social communications. Being born into such a technology-influenced world, it is hard to not want it more and more. Time doesn’t stop, so we need to stop wasting
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